Prototype development of a conduction-cooled LTS pulse coil for UPS-SMES

Toshiyuki Mito, Akifumi Kawagoe, Hirotaka Chikaraishi, Kagao Okumura, Ryo Abe, Tsutomu Henmi, Ryuji Maekawa, Kazutaka Seo, Tomosumi Baba, Mitsuhiro Yokota, Yoshitaka Morita, Hideki Ogawa, Kenji Yamauchi, Masataka Iwakuma, Fumio Sumiyoshi

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We are planning to develop a 1 MW, 1 sec UPS-SMES for a protection from a momentary voltage drop and an instant power failure. As the first step, we have been developing a 100 kJ class prototype UPS-SMES, using a low temperature superconducting coil because of its better cost and performance over the high temperature superconducting coil. However, the difficulty to utilize a pool-boiling LTS pulse coil is the reliability of operation. To solve this problem, a conduction-cooled LTS pulse coil has been designed and fabricated as a key component of the UPS-SMES. The reduction of AC loss and high stability are required for the SC conductor for the conduction-cooled coil because of a limited cooling capacity. The SC conductor of a NbTi/Cu compacted strand cable extruded with an aluminum is designed to have the anisotropic AC loss properties to minimize the coupling loss under the specified orientation of the time varying magnetic field. The coil was wound with a new twist-winding method in which the variation of twist angle of the conductor was controlled with the winding machine designed specifically for this purpose. The fabrication technique and performance of a conduction-cooled prototype LTS pulse coil are described.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
出版ステータス出版済み - 6 2005

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