Public acceptance of CO2 capture and storage technology: A survey of public opinion to explore influential factors

Kenshi Itaoka, Aya Saito, Makoto Akai

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CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technology is an emerging technology with large potential for CO2 emission mitigation. However, public acceptance is an unknown factor in developing public policy involving CCS technology. Characteristics of this technology substantially differ from other options for CO2 mitigation, particularly when assessing the risks of leakage and development of appropriate regulatory penalties in implementing some form of CCS. A comprehensive CO2 mitigation policy portfolio that includes CCS requires sufficient public outreach for assuring its political feasibility. In order to effectively design public outreach programs, it is useful to begin by assessing current potential acceptability of public on CCS and also to identify factors influencing public acceptance of this technology. Although a preliminary qualitative analysis on this matter based on focus group approach in U.K. is available, there has been little statistically based research on the matter in Japan and in other countries until now. The objective of this chapter is to provide such information.

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