Quantum molecular dynamics calculation of light-ion production in neutron-induced reactions at intermediate energies

Y. Watanabe, D. N. Kadrev

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A quantum molecular dynamics (QMD) simulation is applied to light-ion production in neutron-induced reactions on O, Si and Fe at En = 96 MeV. The generalized evaporation model (GEM) is used to account for statistical decay processes after the QMD stage. Good agreement with the experimental energy spectra is obtained for proton emission, but the calculation exhibits remarkable underestimation for pre-equilibrium emission of light clusters, i.e. d, t, 3He and 4He. It is found that the underestimation is improved except in the region around the high energy end of the emission spectra by implementation of a phenomenological coalescence model into the QMD under the assumption that these light clusters are formed in the nuclear surface region by a leading nucleon that is ready to leave the nucleus.

ジャーナルRadiation Protection Dosimetry
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