R-process nucleosynthesis in baryon-rich jets from collapsars and magnetars

Shin Ichiro Fujimoto, Masaomi Ono, Masa-Aki Hashimoto

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We study r-process nucleosynthesis inside baryon-rich jets from collapsars and magnatars, based on two-dimensional magneto-hydrodynamic simulations from the core collapse of stars of 25MO; and 40MO;, for magnetar and collapsar models, respectively, to the launch and ejection of jets. We find that the ejecta through the jets become mildly and highly neutron-rich, or electron fraction Ye > 0.3 and Ye < 0.2, for the magnetar and collapsar models, respectively. We evaluate abudances of the ejecta for one collapsar model, in which highly neutron-rich material of Ye < 0.2 is abundantly ejected. We find that heavy r-elements are abundantly produced inside the jets and that the abundance profile of the r-elements are similar to that of the solar r-elements, only for mass number > 120.

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