Raman scattering in ferromagnetic TDAE-C60 compared to TDAE-C70

V. N. Denisov, A. A. Zakhidov, G. Ruani, R. Zamboni, C. Taliani, K. Tanaka, K. Yoshizawa, T. Okahara, T. Yamabe, Y. Achiba

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The Raman scattering at 1.16 eV laser excitation has been studied in ferromagnetic TDAE-C60 and compared to that in paramagnetic TDAE-C70. The shift of Hg and Ag modes in TDAE-C60 indicates transfer of one electron to C60 while the broadening of Hg modes is quite similar to metallic K3C60 meaning significant electron-phonon coupling of this Jahn - Teller vibrations. In TDAE-C70 the lines are narrow sugesting suppresed electron - phonon interaction and hence smaller polaronic effects. Below Tc of magnetic ordering the two-magnon excitations are not seen clearly however the low energy part of spectra shows somewhat increased intensity. Upon air-exposure of TDAE-C60 all Hg and Ag Raman modes disappear while a new band appears at 1848 cm-1.

ジャーナルSynthetic Metals
出版物ステータス出版済み - 4 5 1993

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    Denisov, V. N., Zakhidov, A. A., Ruani, G., Zamboni, R., Taliani, C., Tanaka, K., Yoshizawa, K., Okahara, T., Yamabe, T., & Achiba, Y. (1993). Raman scattering in ferromagnetic TDAE-C60 compared to TDAE-C70. Synthetic Metals, 56(2-3), 3050-3056. https://doi.org/10.1016/0379-6779(93)90078-B