Regulation of organogenesis and stem cell properties by T-box transcription factors

Yasuo Takashima, Atsushi Suzuki

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T-box transcription factors containing the common DNA-binding domain T-box contribute to the organization of multiple tissues in vertebrates and invertebrates. In mammals, 17 T-box genes are divided into five subfamilies depending on their amino acid homology. The proper distribution and expression of individual T-box transcription factors in different tissues enable regulation of the proliferation and differentiation of tissue-specific stem cells and progenitor cells in a suitable time schedule for tissue organization. Consequently, uncontrollable expressions of T-box genes induce abnormal tissue organization, and eventually cause various diseases with malformation and malfunction of tissues and organs. Furthermore, some T-box transcription factors are essential for maintaining embryonic stem cell pluripotency, improving the quality of induced pluripotent stem cells, and inducing cell-lineage conversion of differentiated cells. These lines of evidence indicate fundamental roles of T-box transcription factors in tissue organization and stem cell properties, and suggest that these transcription factors will be useful for developing therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine.

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