Revitalizing Mountain Ginseng Cultivation in North Jeolla Province, South Korea

Hag Mo Kang, Sung Jong Cho, Soo Im Choi, Noriko Sato, Hyun Kim

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読

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A study was made of measures to revitalize mountain ginseng cultivation in the eastern mountainous area of Muju, Jinan and Jangsu municipalities of North Jeolla province, South Korea. The targeted area is typical forested land and is utilized for the cultivation of ginseng. Access to seeds and seedlings for mountain ginseng cultivation is relatively easy in North Jeolla province, and the species is cultivated widely (on 63 % of the area of the province and by 74 % of farmers). This study investigated the current state of mountain ginseng cultivation and business management, including production costs and subsidy, sales and distribution system, and other business management concerns. A survey was conducted on 86 mountain ginseng-cultivating farming households living in the targeted area in 2013. It is concluded that to achieve greater production an aggressive government policy promoting the renting out of suitable sites for mountain ginseng cultivation in national and public production forestland to individual farms and farming cooperatives is necessary. Further research on increasing the survival rate of cultivated mountain ginseng (CMG) until harvesting and preventing damage by wild animals is also deemed necessary. More effective use of related municipal budget subsidy needs to be supported selectively to the enterprising farmers who aggressively pursue mountain ginseng cultivation and business management. Opening CMG retail stores to realize sustainable income growth and developing various processed products will increase farm income. The government needs to introduce policies to sustain consumer trust in CMG through initiatives such as establishing a CMG quality management system for growers, distributing government-approved seeds, and implementing a government-based CMG purchase system.

ジャーナルSmall-scale Forestry
出版ステータス出版済み - 12月 1 2016

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