S = -1 hypernuclear structure

Emiko Hiyama, Masayasu Kamimura, Yasuo Yamamoto, Toshio Motoba, Thomas A. Rijken

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The structure of light hypernuclei with strangeness S = -1 is investigated with the three- and four-body cluster model and the Gaussian Expansion method (GEM). Interesting phenomena such as shrinkage effect of the core nucleus and the halo and skin structure due to the glue-like role of A particle are demonstrated from the study of structure of Λ6He, Λ7Li and Λ13C. Precise three- and four-body cluster calculation of Λ7He, Λ7Li, Λ7Be, Λ9Be and Λ13C provide us with information about ΛN interaction such as spin-spin, spin-orbit, charge symmetry breaking term, etc., by comparing with the recent experimental data. Precise four-body calculation taking NNNΛ and NNNΣ for Λ4H and Λ4He are performed and the role of Λ-Σ conversion and the size of the virtual Σ component in Λ4H and Λ4He are discussed.

ジャーナルProgress of Theoretical Physics
SUPPL. 185
出版ステータス出版済み - 5 2010

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