Saccadic tracking of a light grey target in the mantis, Tenodera aridifolia

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I presented a horizontally moving square on a computer display to the mantis, Tenodera aridifolia, and examined the effects of target brightness and velocity, and background brightness on its tracking behavior. The mantis tracked a light grey square with more saccadic head movements than a black square, although these squares moved on a homogeneous background. The amplitude of saccades was larger when the light grey square moved at a lower velocity. The background brightness had little effect on the type (smooth or saccadic) of tracking behavior. These results suggest that the saccadic tracking of light grey objects on a homogeneous background may not be caused by low contrast, i.e., the difficulty in discriminating the object from the background. The possible biological significance of saccadic tracking on a homogenous background is discussed.

ジャーナルJournal of insect physiology
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