[Shape of neutron energy].

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Cone-like acryl converters have been used for transforming the energy-distribution information of incident fast neutrons into the spatial-distribution information of recoil protons. The characteristics of neutron-proton conversion have been studied up to around 10MeV by using an imaging plate (IP). A notable and interesting signal enhancement due to recoil protons generated in an acrylic converter was observed on IP images for irradiation with a 252Cf source. A Monte Carlo calculation was carried out in order to understand the spatial distributions of the signal enhancement by recoil protons; these distributions promisingly involve the energy information of incident neutrons in principle. Consequently, it has been revealed that the neutron energy evaluation is surely possible by analyzing the spatial distributions of signal enhancement that is caused by recoil protons.

ジャーナルIgaku butsuri : Nihon Igaku Butsuri Gakkai kikanshi = Japanese journal of medical physics : an official journal of Japan Society of Medical Physics
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