Shear failure behaviors of a web panel with local corrosion depending on web boundary conditions

Jin Hee Ahn, Shigenobu Kainuma, In Tae Kim

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In this study, the shear buckling behavior and shear failure mode of a locally corroded web were examined using nonlinear FE analysis, depending on the corroded web and web boundary conditions. Longitudinally corroded web panels and triangularly corroded webs were considered for quantitatively evaluating the shear buckling behaviors of the corroded web panel. For the longitudinally corroded web panels, the shear buckling strengths were only slightly reduced by about 9-16% depending on the corroded web conditions and web boundary conditions. Their diagonal tension field widened and became distorted with the pronounced shear-bent shape of the corroded web. In particular, in a web-flange separated boundary case, it is out-of-plane displacement and deformation exhibited different shear buckling modes, i.e., a diagonal tension field in its upper part and a large triangular lateral displacement in its lower part. On the other hand, the triangularly corroded web panels had only slight effect on the shear buckling resistance of the corroded web because this corroded model does not affect the diagonal tension field of web panel.

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