Shielded capacitive power transfer (S-cpt) without secondary side inductors

Suziana Ahmad, Aam Muharam, Reiji Hattori, Anyu Uezu, Tarek M. Mostafa

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In this study, we propose a four-plate structure with two shielding plates to produce shielded capacitive power transfer (S-CPT) at an operating frequency of 6.78 MHz for a 10 W system. By eliminating the inductors at the secondary side to form an asymmetrical topology, an S-CPT system was developed with a class-E power amplifier. Using MATLAB software, analysis was performed to obtain the parameters in the S-CPT system regarding resonance and impedance matching, and the proposed coupler structure was investigated through electric field simulation. The shield plate voltage stability was also investigated by analysing both the simulation and hardware experiment results. A prototype of S-CPT was established to validate the analysis results and to demonstrate the voltage at the shield plate of the proposed coupler structure. The experimental results are in good agreement with the simulation results. The proposed S-CPT exhibits an AC–AC efficiency of 84%, with a 56% voltage ground stability reduction because of implementing a balun.

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