Simulation of optimization and utilization for LiB with multi-element network

Kun Lin, Gen Inoue, Motoaki Kawase

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In order to improve the performance both of power density and energy density of lithium ion batteries (LiBs), it is required to optimize electrode layer structure. Recently, although monitoring the state in electrode layer during charging and discharging with the numerical computation became viewed as a critical measure to investigate the phenomena inside a cell, current simulations usually employ the empirical overall characteristic, so that the phenomena resulting from minute structure of electrode layer is unclear. In this study, we investigated the effects of the structure conditions on discharge property by using numerical simulations that take the minute structure in electrode layer into consideration. In this context, discharge properties were improved by controlling active material particles in uniform size with regard to the improvement in mass transport property. These results indicated the importance of porous structure condition in electrode design, and implied the utility of this calculation model.

ホスト出版物のタイトルECS Transactions
編集者S. Bhansali, S. Brankovic, D. A. Buttry, D. Chu, H. Imahori, H. Katayama, O. Leonte, S. Mukerjee, R. Mukundan, Y. Oren, L. Romankiw, N. Sharma, A. Simonian, P. C. Trulove, J. T. Vaughey, M. Winter, P. N. Bartlett, V. Di Noto, M. Doeff, T. Druffel, J. M. Fenton, J. Fergus, Y. Fukunaka, M. Itagaki, J. Koehne, R. Kostecki, R. P. Lynch, I. Milosev, S. R. Narayan, V. Subramanian, T. Tatsuma, N. Wu, Z. Chen, L. M. Haverhals, P. Hesketh, A. C. Hillier, M. Inaba, G. Krumdick, J. Leddy, M. Manivannan, V. Maurice, S. Mitra, J. Muldoon, J. Noel, K. Rajeshwar, V. R. Subramanian, A. H. Suroviec, K. Suto, G. Zangari, P. Allongue, N. Birbilis, O. V. Boltalina, S. Calabrese Barton, V. Chaitanya, D. Chidambaram, J. K. Hite, J. J. Lee, R. A. Mantz, J. Mauzeroll, S. D. Minteer, M. E. Orazem, R. P. Ramasamy, D. P. Riemer, D. Roeper, M. Rohwerder, M. J. Sailor, D. T. Schwartz, J. A. Staser, G. Wu, H. Xu, R. Alkire, T. J. Anderson, M. Bayachou, A. B. Bocarsly, J. W. Choi, M. Innocenti, S. H. Kilgore, D. J. Kim, P. J. Kulesza, Y. C. Lu, P. Marcus, M. Mauter, J. D. Nicholas, S. Pylypenko, C. Rhodes, L. Soleymani, M. Tao, Y. Xing, A. P. Abbott, B. A. Chin, D. E. Cliffel, E. A. Douglas, K. Edstrom, H. Hamada, H. N. McMurray, Y. S. Meng, E. L. Miller, M. Navaei, S. S. Nonnenmann, C. O'Dwyer, P. Pharkya, S. V. Rotkin, J. L. M. Rupp, G. Williams, C. Bock, R. Buchheit, G. T. Cheek, H. Deligianni, C. Johnson, J. G. Park, P. N. Pintauro, K. C. Smith, P. Vanysek, H. Wang, J. F. Whitacre, J. Xiao, M. T. Carter, N. Dimitrov, J. Fransaer, D. Guyomard, B. L. Lucht, L. Nagahara, P. M. Natishan, P. K. Sekhar, D. K. Smith, G. R. Stafford, K. B. Sundaram, N. Vasiljevic, S. Virtanen, W. Wang, D. L. Wood, J. J. Yang
出版社Electrochemical Society Inc.
出版ステータス出版済み - 1 1 2017
イベント232nd ECS Meeting - National Harbor, 米国
継続期間: 10 1 201710 5 2017


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