Solubility of Chromium in Liquid Magnesium

Yu ki Taninouchi, Tsubasa Yamaguchi, Toru H. Okabe, Hiroaki Nakano

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There is a necessity for quantitative information on the solubilities of various elements in Mg and its alloys owing to the growing interest in the precise control of their compositions. In this context, we investigated the quantitative dissolution of metallic Cr in liquid Mg. Pure Mg was melted in a Cr crucible at the temperature range of approximately 1073 K to 1323 K (800 °C to 1050 °C), and the composition of Mg was valuated after quenching. As a result, the relationship between the solubility limit of Cr in liquid Mg (Csol,Cr (mass pct)) and temperature (T/K) was found to be log(Csol,Cr)=-5.18×103/T+3.61(±0.07).Furthermore, the thermodynamic parameters for the Cr dissolution were assessed based on the experimental solubility data. The standard Gibbs energy of Cr dissolution in liquid Mg (ΔG°1,Cr/J) was evaluated to be as follows: Cr(s) = Cr(1 mass pct, in liquid Mg) ΔG°1,Cr = − 68.5 × T + 98400 (±1500). The findings in this study are beneficial for refining the Cr-Mg phase diagram and improving the impurity control of Mg in various industries such as Mg-alloy production and Ti smelting.

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