Spectroscopic Measurement in 9He and 12Be

H. Matsubara, M. Takaki, T. Uesaka, S. Shimoura, N. Aoi, M. Dozono, T. Fujii, K. Hatanaka, T. Hashimoto, T. Kawabata, S. Kawase, K. Kisamori, Y. Kikuch, Y. Kubota, C. S. Lee, H. C. Lee, Y. Maeda, S. Michimasa, K. Miki, H. MiyaS. Noji, S. Ota, S. Sakaguchi, Y. Sasamoto, T. Suzuki, L. T. Tang, K. Takahisa, H. Tokieda, A. Tamii, K. Yako, Y. Yasuda, N. Yokota, R. Yokoyama, J. Zenihiro

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Spectroscopy for neutron-rich nuclei 9He and 12Be has been performed by means of heavy-ion double charge exchange (HIDCX) (18O, 18Ne) reaction on stable target nuclei 9Be and 12C, respectively. Several clear peaks in 12Be at low excitation energy region even above neutron separation energy have been observed in one-shot measurement, whereas no prominent signals of 9He have been observed owing to the small cross section. It is shown that the HIDCX reaction is a new powerful spectroscopic tool for study of unstable neutron-rich nuclei.

ジャーナルFew-Body Systems
出版ステータス出版済み - 8 2013

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  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics

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