Spin coupling and orbital angular momentum quenching in free iron clusters

M. Niemeyer, K. Hirsch, V. Zamudio-Bayer, A. Langenberg, M. Vogel, M. Kossick, C. Ebrecht, K. Egashira, A. Terasaki, T. Möller, B. V. Issendorff, J. T. Lau

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Magnetic spin and orbital moments of size-selected free iron cluster ions Fen+ (n=3-20) have been determined via x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy. Iron atoms within the clusters exhibit ferromagnetic coupling except for Fe13+, where the central atom is coupled antiferromagnetically to the atoms in the surrounding shell. Even in very small clusters, the orbital magnetic moment is strongly quenched and reduced to 5%-25% of its atomic value while the spin magnetic moment remains at 60%-90%. This demonstrates that the formation of bonds quenches orbital angular momenta in homonuclear iron clusters already for coordination numbers much smaller than those of the bulk.

ジャーナルPhysical review letters
出版ステータス出版済み - 1 30 2012

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