Stability of goaf-side entry driving in 800-m-deep island longwall coal face in underground coal mine

Deyu Qian, Nong Zhang, Hideki Shimada, Cheng Wang, Takashi Sasaoka, Nianchao Zhang

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Goaf-side entry driving in underground coal mines could greatly improve coal recovery rates. However, it becomes more difficult to maintain stability, especially in deep coal mines. Pillar width plays a pivotal role in the stability of goaf-side entry driving. To obtain a reasonable and appropriate narrow pillar width, theoretical calculations of the widths of mining-damaged zone and limit equilibrium zone in the pillar are derived according to limit equilibrium theory. Based on the stability issues of goaf-side entry driving in the first island longwall coal face (LCF) at a depth of 800 m below the surface in Guqiao Coal Mine in China, a numerical model is established by FLAC software to analyze the stability of the surrounding rock of goaf-side entry driving during excavation, using various coal pillar widths and support schemes. The results obtained from theoretical calculations, numerical simulation, and engineering practice indicate that an 8-m-wide coal pillar is relatively reasonable, appropriate, and feasible. Field measurements show that deformations of the surrounding rock could be efficiently controlled 31 days after the support schemes were implemented in goaf-side entry driving with an 8-m-wide narrow pillar along the adjacent goaf side with a compaction duration of 10 months. The mining influence range of the overlying LCF on the stability of goaf-side entry driving is found to be the area from 50 m ahead of the LCF to 70 m behind the LCF as it passes over the measurement point.

ジャーナルArabian Journal of Geosciences
出版ステータス出版済み - 1月 1 2016

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