Steam-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework

Jing Kai Huang, Noboru Saito, Yichen Cai, Yi Wan, Chia Chin Cheng, Mengliu Li, Junjie Shi, Kaoru Tamada, Vincent C. Tung, Sean Li, Lain Jong Li

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Direct growth of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) on substrates is a prerequisite to incorporating them into functional platforms and microdevices. Nevertheless, available reports mostly rely on the solvent-based routes, typically altered from processes for powder synthesis which are obstacles to the nanofabrication. Besides, although few vapor-phase growth approaches were presented, the proposed procedures required multiple steps, such as matrix deposition and post-conversion, to obtain desired MOF films on substrates. Here, we demonstrate a steam-assisted chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method to directly synthesize highly crystalline ZIF-67 thin films at the temperature <125°C. With a slow deposition rate, the ZIF-67 forms a highly oriented thin film on a c-plane sapphire substrate, indicating the growth is epitaxial. Furthermore, we demonstrate the integration of directly grown CVD ZIF-67 as the active material of chemiresistors onto microelectronic chips. The ZIF-67 chemiresistors exhibit responses to the gas molecules, which are capable of diffusing into the cage of ZIF-67 at room temperature. The proposed synthesis method of ZIF-67 thin films is simple, scalable, cost-effective, and promising for numerous applications.

ジャーナルACS Materials Letters
出版ステータス出版済み - 5 4 2020

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