Structural analysis of the Dalradian rocks of the Loch Leven area, Inverness-shire

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Two phases of deformation are responsible for the main structure in an area north of Loch Leven, west of Kinlochleven. The first phase of deformation is associated with the formation of schistosity that is sub-parallel to bedding and relates to large scale overturned folds in the stratigraphy, including the Mamore Syncline. The second phase of deformation corresponds to the development of crenulation cleavage that trends NE-SW to east-west throughout the area. The NE-SW trending bedding and the first schistosity in the north are rotated into north-south in the middle and NNW-SSE in the south of the area by this phase of deformation. The Loch Leven Antiform is. thus, attributed to this stage of deformation. The locally developed third phase deformation may relate to the gentle bending of the second phase fold axes.

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