Study of MPPC at liquid nitrogen temperature

H. Otono, S. Yamashita, T. Yoshioka, H. Oide, T. Suehiro, H. Hano

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The Geiger-mode APD is a new semiconductor photon sensor which has high photon counting capability. Multi-Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC) is one of the Geiger-mode APD produced by Hamamatsu Photonics. In this paper, we report the basic properties such as waveform, breakdown voltage, gain ,dark noise, cross-talk, after-pulse and recovery of the MPPC at extremely low temperature, namely the ethanol with dry ice (200K) and the liquid nitrogen (77K).

ジャーナルProceedings of Science
出版ステータス出版済み - 2007
イベントInternational Workshop on New Photon-Detectors, PD 2007 - Kobe, 日本
継続期間: 6月 27 20076月 29 2007

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