Synthesis, chemiluminescence, and application of 2,4-disubstituted phenyl 10-methyl-10λ4-acridine-9-carboxylates

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2,4-Disubstituted phenyl 10-methyl-10λ4-acridine-9-carboxylate derivatives were synthesized and the chemiluminescence of each was measured at pH 6–9. The introduction of electron-withdrawing groups at 2,4-positions in the phenyl moiety intensified chemiluminescence. 2,4-(Dimethoxycarbonyl)phenyl 10-methyl-10λ4-acridine-9-carboxylate trifluoromethanesulfonate salt produced long-lasting chemiluminescence emission, showed maximum chemiluminescence intensities at pH 8 and was used in simple chemiluminescence assays of hydrogen peroxide and choline under neutral conditions. The linear calibration range and detection limit of choline at pH 8 were 0.1–1000 μM and 0.01 μM, respectively.

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