Temperature measurements on RFP and ULQ experiments in REPUTE-1

Y. Nagayama, A. Ejiri, akihide fujisawa, T. Fujita, J. Matsui, K. Miyamoto, K. Saito, Y. Shimazu, K. Shimoji, K. Yamagishi

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The impurity ion, proton, and electron temperatures on a reversed field pinch (RFP) and an ultra-low-q (ULQ) plasma in the REPUTE-1 torus device have been measured. Typical examples of ion and the electron temperatures in the RFP plasma are shown. The experimental results are the following: (1) The electron temperature is lower than the proton temperature. (2) The impurity ion temperature is higher than the proton temperature in the low-density RFP plasma. (3) During the q-value transition phase in the ULQ, the impurity temperature becomes quite high, but the proton temperature is unchanged. The results are not expected from the classical Ohmic heating theory. Relaxation and MHD instability are candidates to explain the results.

出版ステータス出版済み - 12 1 1989
イベントIEEE International Conference on Plasma Science 1989 - Buffalo, NY, USA
継続期間: 5 22 19895 24 1989


その他IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science 1989
CityBuffalo, NY, USA

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