The Diverse and Integrative Nature of Product Design Curriculum (I)

Wei Leong Loh, Shinnichi ISHIMURA

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The aim of this research is to clarify the emphasis on diverse and integrative nature of product design curriculums at undergraduate level. A comparative study was done through a collection of the relevant documents and publications from nine sample Japanese national and public universities. From the findings, it was understood that the diverse and integrative emphasis in the product design curriculums differed among the sample universities. It appeared that two main points may be presented. 1) product design programmes in art oriented faculties seemed to have a higher emphasis on the study of integrative subjects, where platforms for synthesis of knowledge and skills are offered. 2) product design programmes in design and engineering oriented faculties seemed to favor a more diverse and flexibility study of product design through a higher emphasis of elective professional education subjects. While it was proposed that product design curriculums should continue to the focus providing fundamental professional knowledge and skills in professional education, ample opportunities for the synthesis of knowledge and skills should be provided in the curriculum so that qualities like inventiveness, sensitivity and critical thinking skill may be further nurtured and developed.
出版物ステータス出版済み - 3 2013

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