The frequency dependent regenerator cold section and hot section positional reversal in a coaxial type thermoacoustic Stirling heat pump

Adhika Widyaparaga, Takao Koshimizu, Eiji Noda, Naoya Sakoda, Masamichi Kohno, Yasuyuki Takata

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We have constructed and tested two travelling wave thermoacoustic heat pumps using a coaxial configuration with the regenerator positioned in the annulus. We discovered a frequency dependent positional reversal of the cold section and hot section of the regenerator within the test frequency range. By decomposing the measured pressure wave within the annulus, we obtained the positive (w+) and negative (w-) propagating travelling waves. It has been revealed the change of frequency is accompanied by a change in magnitudes of w+ and w- which is in part influenced by the presence of travelling wave attenuation through the regenerator. The resulting change of dominant travelling wave on a given end of the regenerator will then change the direction of thermoacoustic heat pumping at that end. This will alter the regenerator temperature distribution and may reverse the cold and hot sections of the regenerator. As the reversal does not require additional moving parts, merely a change in frequency, this feature in coaxial travelling wave devices has tremendous potential for applications which require both heating and cooling operation.

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