The role of activated carbon fiber in adsorption cooling cycles

Dalia Attan, M. A. Alghoul, B. B. Saha, J. Assadeq, K. Sopian

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    Researches on activated carbon fiber (ACF) in adsorption cooling system are important. ACF as adsorbent offers solution to shortcomings in solar adsorption refrigeration technology. By having ACF, rapid adsorption/desorption time and higher adsorption capacity per unit mass of adsorbent can be achieved. This review paper covers and provide an up-to date research that has been devoted to advancing of various types of activated carbon fiber as adsorbent in adsorption cooling. Detailed adsorption capacity, the effect of packing density, option of adsorption cycle and various innovation of adsorbent bed employing activated carbon fiber are highlighted since these results promise heat and mass transfer improvement of the adsorbent bed. Subsequently the coefficient of performance (COP) and specific cooling effect (SCE) of adsorption cooler are improved. This particular adsorbent could help solar adsorption refrigeration technology to compete with conventional vapor compression system if its properties are further improved.

    ジャーナルRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
    出版ステータス出版済み - 4月 2011

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