The synergistic effect of moderate heat and pressure on the physical properties and pectic substances of potato tissue

M. Shahidul Islam, Noriyuki Igura, Mitsuya Shimoda, Isao Hayakawa

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When a moderate heat (75-95 °C) and pressure (100 MPa) treatment (MHPT) was applied to potato, there were changes in texture, colour and tissue sloughing. Water-soluble pectin release was determined and related to potato tissue firmness. Potato texture, after MHPTs at 75-85 °C, was firmer than that after heat treatments (HT). However, the firmness was almost the same in the MHPTs and HTs at 90 and 95 °C, and cooking at 100 °C for 20 min. The release of pectic substances was lower in MHPTs when compared with HTs at 75-85 °C and atmospheric pressure. There were almost no differences in colour between the treatments, and tissue sloughing was slightly higher in MHPTs. These results indicate that MHPT could be an effective alternative to conventional thermal or ultra-high-pressure processing. It provides higher food quality when texture, colour and tissue sloughing of potato are measured.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Food Science and Technology
出版物ステータス出版済み - 4 1 2007


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