Three-dimensional analysis of BaZrO3 pinning centers gives isotropic superconductivity in GdBa2 Cu3 O 7-δ

K. Kaneko, K. Furuya, K. Yamada, S. Sadayama, J. S. Barnard, P. A. Midgley, T. Kato, T. Hirayama, M. Kiuchi, T. Matsushita, A. Ibi, Y. Yamada, T. Izumi, Y. Shiohara

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BaZrO3 doped GdBa2 Cu3 O 7-δ superconductor was prepared by pulsed layer deposition using a KrF excimer laser, which showed isotropic characteristics of critical current density, JC, for magnetic-field orientations, ∼4.0× 109 A m-2 at 1.0 T. Microstructural and morphological characterization of resulting artificial pinning centers were conducted by transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography, which confirmed the presence of one-dimensional artificial pinning centers, BaZrO3 nanorods. Since there is noticeable anisotropy from GdBa2 Cu 3 O7-δ superconductor without doping BaZrO 3, the pinning observed for all magnetic-field orientations are due to the high density and high dispersion of these BaZrO3 nanorods with very wide angular distributions.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータス出版済み - 9 15 2010

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