Transumbilical approach for neonatal surgical diseases: Woundless operation

Tatsuro Tajiri, Satoshi Ieiri, Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Kouji Masumoto, Yuko Nishimoto, Tomoaki Taguchi

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Purpose: The transumbilical approach by means of a circumumbilical incision has up until recently been the main method for performing a pyloromyotomy. This study aims to assess the clinical usefulness of the transumbilical approach for neonates with a variety of surgical intraabdominal diseases in order to achieve minimally invasive surgery with excellent cosmetic results. Methods: In 14 neonates with surgical diseases (3 hypertrophic pyloric stenoses, 3 ileal atresias, 2 jejunal atresias, 1 duodenal stenosis, 1 duodenal atresia, 2 ovarian cysts, 1 malrotation, and 1 segmental dilatation of ileum), treatment using a transumbilical approach by means of a half circumumbilical incision was performed at our institution. The clinical features of 14 cases were evaluated. Results: Eight cases except for three patients with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, two with ovarian cysts and one with intestinal malrotation underwent the operation within 4 days of birth. In 10 of 14 cases, the umbilicus was incised on its upper half circumference, while the umbilicus of 4 cases was incised on its lower half circumference. In one ileal atresia patient with a remarkable degree of oral intestinal dilatation, a slight additional transverse incision was added. In four cases (1 case with ileal atresia, 2 cases of an ovarian cyst, and 1 case with a segmental dilatation of the ileum), laparoscopy-assisted transumbilical surgery was performed. In all cases, no operative complications were encountered. Postoperatively, there was no wound in appearance and the umbilicus appeared to be normal. Conclusion: The transumbilical approach with or without laparoscopic assistance is considered to be a feasible, safe, and cosmetically excellent surgical procedure in neonates with a wide variety of surgical intraabdominal diseases.

ジャーナルPediatric surgery international
出版物ステータス出版済み - 10 1 2008


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Tajiri, T., Ieiri, S., Kinoshita, Y., Masumoto, K., Nishimoto, Y., & Taguchi, T. (2008). Transumbilical approach for neonatal surgical diseases: Woundless operation. Pediatric surgery international, 24(10), 1123-1126.