Ultrafast photoresponsive materials for all-optical light modulation by polymer thin films

Tomonori Ono, Kaoru Kawasaki, Keiji Tanaka, Toshihiko Nagamura

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    Ultrafast and single exponential responsive materials were achieved by encapsulating donor-acceptor linked molecules into cucurbitunitl[8], CB[8], as nanocavity hosts. Various aromatic groups were linked with various types of 4,4′-bipyridinium groups through propyloxy linker. They showed characteristic charge-transfer (CT) absorption with specific colors in aqueous solutions. Upon addition of CB[8], they showed remarkably different colors due to intramolecular CT complex formation in CB[8]. Upon femtosecond laser excitation of CT band extremely fast electron transfer occurred from a donor to an acceptor unit accompanying new absorption in the visible to near-infrared region due mainly to photoreduced bipyridinium derivatives. Thermal back electron transfer reactions in CB[8] were found to follow a single exponential decay with rate constants ranging more than two orders depending on the combination of a donor and an acceptor unit. Their rate constants vs. free energy changes for oxidized donors and reduced acceptors in linked molecules were expressed by the Marcus theory.

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