Variation of equatorial electrojet current profiles over Solar Phases

W. N.I. Ismail, N. S.A. Hamid, M. Abdullah, N. H.M. Shukur, A. Yoshikawa

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Equatorial electrojet (EEJ) current is an intense eastward electric current flowing at about 100- 120km altitude within ±3° latitude in E region of the equatorial ionosphere. This study reported dependence of EEJ longitudinal profile on the three phases of solar cycle 24 (SC-24). The analysis was carried out using EUEL index, calculated from the northward H component of geomagnetic field. This work utilised data from various ground-based magnetometer networks such as MAGDAS, INTERMAGNET and IIG. The results of this study showed that the highest and lowest value of EEJ longitudinal profiles varies with solar phases. The nature of the longitudinal disparity in the EEJ strength indicates that it is strongest in American sector and lowest in African sector during solar minimum in 2008. However, during solar maximum in 2013 the highest EEJ intensity was recorded in Southeast Asian sector. On the other hand, the lowest value of EEJ current was recorded in African sector in 2008 which was found to be shifting to Indian sector started in 2011. In addition, we discovered the transition point of the highest value of EEJ started in 2012, while the transition point of minimum value EEJ started in 2010.

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Special Issue 2
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