Vitamin Status and Mineralized Tissue Formation

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Purpose of the Review: Vitamins play important roles in bone health, and vitamin supplementation has been recommended to prevent osteoporosis and to reduce fracture risk in the elderly. However, the benefits of vitamin intake for bone health are still controversial. The aim of the review is to examine the relationship between vitamins and bone health and how vitamins function in osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Recent Findings: A broad literature search with the PubMed database was performed. The results of human clinical studies are inconsistent due to differences in the study design, race, genetic factors, and the population. Vitamin K, E, or C intake seems to benefit for bone health as well as vitamin D. Recent findings did not support the benefit of the vitamin B complex for bone health. Furthermore, both the excess and deficiency of vitamin A might be involved in compromised bone health. Summary: The well-balanced and adequate amounts of vitamins should be ensured to prevent adverse effects on bone health.

ジャーナルCurrent Oral Health Reports
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