Voltage resonant buck-boost converter using multi-layer-winding transformer

Masahito Shoyama, Koosuke Harada, Hajime Saen, Masao Moriya

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A multilayer-winding transformer made of a planar conductor and insulator has a small leakage inductance and a large winding capacitance between the terminals. This winding capacitance causes an undesirable oscillation in the conventional voltage resonant buck-boost converter. A novel type of voltage resonant buck-boost converter which has the resonant inductor in the secondary side of the transformer is presented. This converter can utilize the winding capacitance as part of the resonant capacitor without making the operation complex.

ジャーナルPESC Record - IEEE Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference
出版ステータス出版済み - 12 1 1989
イベント20th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference - PESC '89 - Milwaukee, WI, USA
継続期間: 6 26 19896 29 1989

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  • モデリングとシミュレーション
  • 凝縮系物理学
  • エネルギー工学および電力技術
  • 電子工学および電気工学


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