World catalogue of the species of the tribe lomechusini (Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae)

Peter Hlaváč, Alfred F. Newton, Munetoshi Maruyama

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読

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All names of species and higher taxa proposed in the tribe Lomechusini (Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) up to the end of the year 2010 are cataloged, with a full bibliography of original descriptions. The original combination of the described species, original citation of their type localities and their world distributions are given. The following replacement names are proposed for newly discovered primary and secondary junior homonyms: Brachysipalia elgon nom. nov. (= B. elgonensis Pace), Drusilla sculpticollides nom. nov. (=Drusilla sculpticollis Pace), Macrogerodonia bolivianides nom. nov. (=M. boliviana Pace), Orphnebius curticornides nom. nov. (= O. curticornis Pace 2008), Pachorhopala ituri nom. nov. (= P. gerardi Bernhauer 1932), Zyras (Camonia) aethiopicides nom. nov. (=Zyras (Camonia) aethiopicus Pace) and Zyras (Zyras) neoparageminus nom. nov. (= Zyras (Zyras) parageminus Pace). The following secondary homonyms are reinstated as valid: Drusilla opacicollis Cameron (= D. vedda Pace), and Zyras (Grammodonia) erraticus Last (= Z. (G.) adjectus Last). The following new synonymies are proposed (junior synonym first): Aenictobiina Kistner (= Aenictoteratini Kistner), Athexeniina Pace (= Myrmedoniina Thomson), Thoracophagus Kistner (= Drusilla Leach), Urodonia Silvestri (= Pedinopleurus Cameron), Lomechusoides hosodai K. Sawada (= L. amurensis (Bernhauer)), Diplopleurus notabilis Pace (= Trachydonia incredibilis Bernhauer), and Acanthoglossa badia Motschulsky (= Zyras (Glossacantha) affinis Kraatz) (the last-mentioned being a reversal of precedence). The following new combinations are established: Aenictocleptis antennarius (Pace) ex Zyras (Glosacantha); Drusilla congoensis (Kistner) ex Thoracophagus; Pedinopleurus notabilis (Silvestri) ex Urodonia; Pedinopleurus reptans (Pace) and Pedinopleurus tumorfrontalis (Pace ) ex Zyras (Diaulaconia); Pseudastilbus fortispina (Pace) ex Zyras (Glosacantha) and Deroleptus draco (Assing) ex Orphnebius. A lectotype is designated for Lomechusoides ganglbaueri (Bernhauer) to fix this name as a synonym of L. amurensis (Wasmann). The following genera are newly included into Lomechusini, subtribe Myrmedoniina: Aenictophila Seevers, Athexenia Pace, Cephaplakoxena Pace, Malaybergius Kistner, Mimaenictus Kistner & Jacobson, Procantonnetia Kistner & Jacobson, Steysborgia Kistner & Jacobson and Weissflogia Kistner. The genus Myrmigaster Sharp is removed from Lomechusini to Oxypodini. Nomenclatural problems with the names Lomechusa Gravenhorst, Lomechusoides Tottenhamand Atemeles Dillwyn, and recent taxonomic changes to the genus Orphnebius Motschulsky, are also discussed. Lomechusini as currently constituted includes 207 genera and 2205 species or subspecies placed in the subtribes Lomechusina (3 genera, 40 species or subspecies), Termitozyrina (11 genera, 16 species) and Myrmedoniina (193 genera and 2149 species or subspecies). Their regional distribution patterns and extensive associations with ants and termites are briefly summarized.

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